Contact Glove Tactile Glove from Diver-X

Тактильные перчатки VR Contact Glove от Diver-X

We’ve already written about the Japanese vr goggles Diver-X for supine diving. So, there is new information from the developers in Tokyo.

Entry: VR Goggles

In 2021, the idea of an immersive VR helmet was proposed – lying down. Sometime after the announcement, it was reported that the launch of the project on Kickstarter which was planned on November 6 has been postponed. And in early 2022 announced the cancellation of the project on Kickstarter. According to reports, it is already clear that the new VR glasses from the company will not know.

Tactile Gloves

Three months later they said they were working with Shiftall Inc to develop a virtual reality-related device.
After spending a little time we were able to find out. It turned out to be ContactGlove, a tactile glove-like controller with feedback for SteamVR.

Price: Contact Glove

The gloves, which will be released, are priced at least $440


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