New Pimax Reality 12K QLED


A new autonomous headset has been introduced by Pimax. Which is expected to go on sale in 2022 or early 2023. It is the most advanced headset we have seen so far.

Characteristics of the Pimax 12K

The VR Helmet features two 6K-LED panels that have mini LED backlighting and 4400 components for limited dimming. Compared to the previous generation, the horizontal FOV has been increased by 30° compared to the last model. This gave an angle of view of 210°. The vertical field of view has increased as well, now at 135°.

This is a hybrid device giving you a new experience. Pimax VR has a built-in Qualcomm XR-2 chip that allows you to use it as a standalone device. You can use the headset to receive a direct signal from your GPU via the two Display Port 1.4 connections or stream content from your computer via WiGig.

The company said that they will also offer an accessory with Valve’s Steam VR sensors, for anyone who needs exceptional precision. The headset has several biometric tracking systems.

Price of Pimax Reality 12K QLED

Most likely the price will be $2,399, but not the fact that this will be the official price tag. But they promise a discount for everyone who has a device from the old generation.


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