Oculus Quest 3 release date (price, specs, rumors)

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Oculus Quest 3 release date?

At the moment there is no exact information and the exact release date of Oculus Quest 3 is not yet known. But according to software analysts, Project Cambria (a project by the same team) is likely to come out sooner. And a source has been found on the network that claims that the premium headset will be released in the second quarter of 2022. But more likely, Oculus will be presented at META 2023 Connect.


We can safely say that the new headset will have a larger screen resolution. I think Oculus Quest 3 may use newer uOLED screen technology.

The refresh rate will most likely be at 120Hz, but its capabilities may improve with the upgrade. Company Meta may allow the use of technology from Create, which allows the creation of light fields.

Rendering will be improved, which will blur the line between the visual effects of real and virtual reality.

Oculus developer Unity’s SDK has a feature for full body tracking.

Rumors about controllers

The first screenshots have appeared on Basti564’s YouTube channel, showing that the update is on the way. The system has a familiar shape and infrared cameras that can be replaced, eliminating the need for tracking rings.

Oculus Quest 3 price

Most likely, it will be cheaper than the Cambria project, but not the fact that this will be the official price tag. In fact, the Oculus 2 cost only $299, not $349. If the pricing policy continues, then the third quest may become even more affordable than the previous version.


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